Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Only A Play - Broadway

It is always a thrill to go to a show on Broadway..... we enjoy the ones that come to Norfolk, but there is a little extra excitement about so many people gathered in one area of the city to attend a show.... 

This one has not been open for long and has lots of famous folks in it.... Last week I waited in line as one of the shows was beginning to get some tickets for tonight..... 
Again, not my photo, but it sure captures the scene better than any I've taken so far.....
The show was VERY enjoyable.... Nathan Lane definitely stole the show..... comedic play about the "state of Broadway"...... 

We waited for "Show Time" at the steps in Times Square... always an amazing experience!


  1. Great to hear about that play....we're keen to see it, so was waiting for reviews. Thanks Ginny.

  2. We were happy to have gotten to see it while we were there.... laughed a lot..... but have actually thought about some of the "jabs" they made quite a bit since we saw it....

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  4. Great to hear about that play,,I also want to watch them live.

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