Sunday, September 7, 2014

De La Mer - Bohemian Chic - Meredith's "Store"

POP Up Shop in Greenpoint
Meredith is a former student who designs and makes beautiful kaftans, interesting bags and lovely jewelry.... this was her sales area today.... with the beautiful weather she made some sales and had a great afternoon.... and right around the corner from where we are staying in Greenpoint... 

 Friends are sometimes the BEST customers!!

 A potential customer.... nice to get them YOUNG!!

One of Meredith's kaftans is prominently displayed in the window of this cute shop on Franklin Street..... she also markets through Etsy..... Seems to me she's got ALL the potential to make it big in fashion..... just needs a lucky break! 

She also markets some of her friends' items and sells some vintage items..... she's going to have a permanent booth at the Williamsburg Flea starting next week..... EXCITING!!
Her website is  

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