Wednesday, September 3, 2014

East River Ferry

Just a short walk from the apartment in Greenpoint is the East River Ferry.  We decided that would be the perfect late afternoon activity.... and it was.  Because it was midweek it was $4 each way for each of us... From here we headed south to 3 other stops in Brooklyn.... including right at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge where we had spent time on the last trip.... In between the scenery was amazing and since we arrived on the HOTTEST day on record for this summer.... it was about the only outdoor activity we could have considered!

This is the photo of the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  When we were here 2 years ago we went to a concert on the Barge and enjoyed the park that you can see on the lower right (it goes on quite a way).  But, the building under construction is NEW and just shows how the area on the Brooklyn waterfront is changing. 

Different day.... same ferry ride.....


  1. Hey Nan!!! It's Ellie!! It looks like you guys are having a great time in NYC! When you guys took the Ferry, did Poppy enjoy it? I think I remember him telling me that he would get seasick! I am happy that you got to see the tennis match! What did Poppy do when you were there? Well, anyway, I hope that you continue to enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Hello sweet girl!! Thanks for your comment... so glad you are looking at the pictures of our trip.... we are having a great time.... The ferry goes fast enough and for a short enough time that Poppy did not get seasick.... I was VERY happy to make it to the tennis tournament.... I hope school continues to go well.... I look forward to seeing you when we return to Virginia

  3. What are you guys going to do today?