Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bronx Zoo

John and I both have fond memories of the Bronx Zoo..... nice to know that neither set of memories was shattered by our visit today..... Many of the original buildings are not used for animals (larger areas now available) but there were still lots of animals in beautiful habitats.....

The zoo staff was extremely friendly and helpful while we visited ..... definitely not a crowded day.... and the weather was amazing..... 

Probably my most surprising exhibit.... flamingoes in NYC!!

Our trip today was by car.... we haven't tried that since  John's sister and family lived in West Point and we drove in from there..... an interesting trip mapped out for us by WAYZE app this morning.... only missed one turn, but that one sent us to Randall's Island where Mc Enroe has a tennis facility... so it was not a total loss!! 

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