Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11 in NYC - The View and a Conversation

Empire State Building Lit for 9-11 

The view did not really look this muted from the little park at the end of our street..... it was crowded with folks looking over to the city.... most of the conversations were muted, but that could be because they were showing Pirates of the Caribbean on a makeshift screen on a huge brick building.... Lots of folks sitting with families watching...

The breeze by the water was so pleasant that I sat for a while.... ended up next to a NYFD young man who was interested to chat about the event 13 years ago..... he works here in Greenpoint, but he and several of his fellow Firemen headed over to ground zero and did not return for 8 days... searched, cleared debris ..... such interesting stories..... he said the saddest thing for him was that his son thought he was dead because communication was so bad those first few days....We talked for about 45 minutes... Hurricane Sandy, gentrification of his neighborhood, vacationing in the Outer Banks.... it is truly a small world!    I found it a wonderful way to honor the day..... 

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