Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grand Central Terminal..... Train Adventure

With the amount of walking we'd done in the past week, we came up with a plan to see something completely new, with fewer steps needed on our part..... it worked pretty well!  We took the subway in to Grand Central Terminal and took a train to a town called Beacon, New York.
What cannot be appreciated from this photo is how beautiful the interior of this building really is.... the ceiling has constellations and the beautiful color seen in this photo... 

During our last extended visit we listened to podcasts about the station's history ... this time we were on the move and experiencing the station as a traveler instead.....There are shops, restaurants, a food court and connections to many subway lines in the station itself. 


  1. What did you do in Beacon?

    Isn't the Terminal, and that train ride UP the Hudson just spectacular.

  2. We were planning to go to the Dia Museum, but neglected to check the days it was open... big mistake on our part.... we did that twice while we were in NYC..... Dia was only open from Weds. through Sunday.....