Sunday, October 12, 2014


While we were in NYC, my sister Barbara and I each noticed that the other was taking a lot of photos of greenery and scenery..... we commented that we enjoy showing others who think of NYC as a "concrete jungle" that it is anything but...... So from Astoria, Queens to Midtown, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side and to Williamsburg, Brooklyn... here is some of the BEST of the greenery.....

Astoria, Queens 


Bronx Zoo

Brooklyn Botanical Garden 

Governor's Island 

Greenpoint, Brooklyn 

Madison Square Park 

Rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Bryant Park 

Dumbo, Brooklyn 

Staten Island 

Central Park 

Central Park

Washington Square Park 

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dining in Greenpoint

Perhaps we have NOT done justice yet to the yummy food that we ate while in Greenpoint itself.....

We passed this restaurant EVERY time we headed to the subway station..... it always had folks enjoying themselves.... (bursting with folks on the weekend)   We NEVER made it there to eat.... 
Guess we will have to return!! 

This is the restaurant that we tried the last time we were in NYC, so we knew we were going to enjoy the meal there.... before Barb left early in our visit we had a great dinner there.... Just as last time, there appeared to be a tour group sitting at the large tables along the middle of the restaurant.... Even though the kitchen is small, we were delighted with the service and the meal itself.... 

Here is where we celebrated my birthday!   We had Meredith, her friend, Bobby, John and me.... it was quite crowded for a Wednesday evening, but that could be because of how tiny it is.... you definitely get the feel you are eating in someone's grandma's old fashioned kitchen....They don't have a liquor license so you are allowed to bring in your own adult beverages.....